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Venting for Teachers in Taiwan

Every teacher regardless of experience or education will experience frustration and anger at times when teaching. In your home country where you share the language you will be able to easily express anger in an appropriate fashion. However in Asia where the culture of anger and discipline between teachers and students is vastly different it is important to understand how to vent and relieve anger and frustration when needed.

In Taiwan and Asia in general losing a temper can cause a grave loss of face in front of your students and coworkers alike. It is considered to be of utmost importance that the teacher remains firmly in control of a classroom when the perception of the classroom is chaos. However in the situations where the classroom literally runs amok you are urged to get the help of a local co-teacher who can bring it back in line. Again regardless of how much experience you have, there are times where the class will run wild.

In the case of venting there are several ways teachers do this. The newer a teacher is the more the need to carefully handle your anger and frustration. Complaining in front of other teachers will not go very far since they have been dealing with it for much longer then you have. Teaching in Asia alumni say taking a walk between classes can go a long way in dissolving some pent up frustration. Taking a night out once a week to go to the bar or restaurant and laughing with other teachers can work wonders. The key is to be involved on an extracurricular basis from just school. The teachers who just teach and go home, tend to return to their homelands long before their contract ends.

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