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Typical Teaching Day in Taiwan

A typical day in a Taiwan school is much the same as it is anywhere that Teaching in Asia has on offer. Schedules are always determined by the school itself. Depending on the type of school and the curriculum will determine your working hours. This may range from early morning to afternoon to evening hours if the students go after regular school. Adult classes and university classes may be even more sporadic.

Careful prep and schedule development will allow you to organize your professional responsibilities and personal life with ease. Many teachers are overwhelmed at first with the chaos that comes with both arriving into a new culture and school system while also trying to find time for their personal life. ESL teachers will often have to be to school or institute about an hour before their first class in order to prepare. After that you may have classes that are determined by the age of the students. They may range from 30 minutes to an hour per class.

It is hard to define a typical day as every teacher has a different situation based on their contract and school. Schools and parents organize ESL training differently based on the priority they place on it. When working with Teaching in Asia we will provide you with a clear idea of the typical day at your school or institute when working for your placement.

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