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Teaching Games for Taiwanese Teachers

As with any country children love games in Taiwan and they are a great way to teach a class. By keeping a child entertained you are more apt to keep his/her attention and increase retention of the material.There are game books, game websites, etc all dedicated to games for ESL teachers. You can find a resource on this website dedicated to ESL games for all ages.

Depending on the school you are placed will determine the role of games in the classroom. Some schools take a more ritual approach to student learning while others will give the teacher more leeway to determine the best way to teach students. Either method works well when done properly. Playing games all day can have a negative effect when it is time to learn something a little more complex or testing. Not playing games can demotivate the students.

Ask your fellow teachers what methods work best at the school you are teaching at. If you have an orientation you will learn about this during it. If not you will have to watch and learn. Games are a well practiced approach to ESL training and should be learned by any aspiring ESL teachers.

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