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Taiwan Schools 101

Taiwan has schools that are ranked among the best in the world for both the teaching of foreign language and also for several other subjects. With a economy highly dependent on exports it is essential for Taiwan to continue to develop it's foreign relationship skills, including ESL. Taiwan has also become a very popular job spot for ESL teachers looking to make a good living and give children a leg up in their language skills.

There are several types of language schools in Taiwan and they range from the public schools and universities to private institutes. All of them have their pros and cons and you should carefully discuss with your counselor at Teaching in Asia what you are looking for in terms of your job experience while overseas to best determine which one is for you. Taiwan has developed some incredible school chains which some ESL teachers may remain with for several years.

Students are students anywhere though and depending on the age will determine the skills and knowledge you are going to have to bring to the classroom. Careful attention at your orientation will make your job as an ESL teacher a success. Also be sure to discuss the school's curriculum and details about discipline and teaching methods with other teachers when you are starting to get a better idea of how the school operates

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