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Rules & Consequences in Taiwan Classroom

It is a working condition for every ESL teacher to set up a basic system of rules when working with students. This allows for a construct of sorts that students will learn with body language and through local teacher interpretation. It will ultimately give you a connection when teaching your students English as a second language, even though they may not understand what you are saying. Body language is an excellent teacher of rules and consequences. 


Local teachers are there to assist you with unruly students, but to gain respect you should first attempt to deal with them yourself. You can do this with a visible check system, which seems to work well in Taiwan, or even by stickers. Make sure to take the time to have fun every now and then. Strict study does not work well when learning a foreign language, or any other subject for that matter. 


A balance of fun and work is the Teaching in Asia suggestion. This is more easily said than done but by pushing and pulling “figuratively of course” you will find this medium and enjoy a happy and productive relationship with your students. You are learning how to teach as much as they are learning how to learn. This is what makes a true ESL teacher.

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