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Orientation for Teachers in Taiwan

Depending on the school and the contract offered, ESL teachers may be required to undergo an Orientation period. Usually these are considered a part of your teaching obligations, but there are some cases which are clearly explained where orientation falls outside of the normal teaching schedule and thus is unpaid. Regardless if the orientation is paid or not, it is an important part of your experience in becoming an ESL teacher. 


Orientation may include methods of teaching as well as school specific curriculum points. In addition classroom conduct and role-play will be addressed to ensure you are properly organized and prepared for the occasional unruly student. You will also get a chance to see for the first time the books that will be used and the grading methodology of that school system or institute. 


In addition to the academic side of orientation, there is a more fun social aspect that will involve you getting to know your coworkers as well as learning a bit about Taiwan. Orientation may or may not be at the city you will be residing in. It depends on the organization of the school and how they conduct their own introduction and orientation sessions. 


If the orientation is not in your town, transportation and lodging will no doubt be provided by the school you are contracted with. All information regarding orientation will be included in the contract, after you apply to Teaching in Asia.

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