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Grooming for Teachers in Taiwan

When you are working in Taiwan, make sure to keep yourself organized both in the classroom and at your work station. Taiwanese like most Asians are very organized and tend to appreciate others that keep similar habits. Your coworkers will be watching your carefully, especially at the beginning, to see how you conduct yourself both in the classroom and out of it. 


Keeping your files, papers, and books in order at your desk will also make it easier for you to teach. If you are a first time teacher you will find this especially true. Taiwanese are very friendly people, to the point where their friendliness can be interpreted as nosiness. This is not the case but they focus much more on others then we do in the West. It is a matter of Asian culture and “Face”. 


In addition to the workplace you should keep your apartment relatively neat. This may seem like an intrusion, but you never know when a friend or coworker will stop by. Oftentimes they want to make sure everything is ok, but nonetheless a messy apartment will damage your reputation with the visitor. Take those few minutes every day to keep your things neat. It will go a long way in building your reputation as a great ESL teacher.

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