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Free Time for Teachers in Taiwan

When teaching there will always be ample free time whether between classes, before classes, and on days where your course load is less then normal. New teachers should take advantage of this time to learn new methods of teaching, games, and organizational skills. This will not only build your skills as a teacher, but also give a better perception to your coworkers and fellow teachers.

The fact is that ESL teachers from the west will almost always make less then their counterparts in Asia. This can in the right circumstances breed resentment and ultimately a negative working relationship. However if you show your commitment to teaching and learning how to integrate with the community, then you will be appreciated. This will in turn create a comfortable working environment for you that will last for your stay in Taiwan.

So take advantage of the vast resources available on the web for ESL teachers on the web. Research using the books available and make a firm commitment to becoming a better teacher day in and day out. Your number one responsibility when taking a ESL job in Taiwan is to develop the language skills of the students you are entrusted with.

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