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Dress Code for Teachers in Taiwan

ESL teachers often wonder what the dress codes are for teaching in Asia. While there is no one standard that is uniform across Asia, a bit of common sense can go a long way in determining how you should dress for the classroom.

For Taiwan you should consider the school you are teaching at. Public Schools often have a different dress code then private school. Usually the dress code will be spelled out in your contract; some will require a business casual outfit, while others may just require a neutral shirt and pants. By neutral we mean politically neutral and without derogatory slang or expressions. In addition you may enquire further about an appropriate dress code when you interview or by contacting us directly in response to a position or contract. 


For going out the dress code varies depending on where you are going. Some restaurants and bars will require a certain dress code while others will be open to just about anything. Try to stay neutral in your dress style. Attracting attention to yourself is taking an unnecessary risk when taking a job overseas, especially as an ESL teacher in Asia, where you are being trusted with children.

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