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Transportation in Taiwan

Generally speaking, public transportation is somewhat lacking in Taiwan. You will find that if you make use of the bus system, your stay will be much more comfortable and convenient. With the ability to reach almost any point in Taiwan, the bus system is the method of choice for most foreigners, especially in the larger cities.
Taxis are very cheap, a bit more then Korea however, and you will find that with a bare minimum of pronunciation the taxi driver will eerily end up exactly where you want to be. Make sure you are aware of the different times and costs for taking a taxi, as during holidays the cost for the fare will increase dramatically. 


Some foreign teachers opt to get a scooter for their daily transportation to and from their job. These are risky, and are a leading cause of medical injury for foreign teachers working in Taiwan. They are also easily stolen and sold so keep a good eye on it during your stay. 


All in all you will find Taiwan an easy country to navigate. Be sure when you arrive to your job for the first time, to ask your fellow teachers the locations of some of the more important points. For example hospitals, grocery stores, etc.

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