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Television in Taiwan

Taiwan like many other Asian nations has a growing television entertainment industry. Development of homegrown dramas and movies has steadily increased over the years and now Taiwan is an Asian leader in television entertainment. For ESL teachers in Taiwan this represents a nice addition to your cultural development.


In addition to it’s own entertainment options, it is easy to find television stations playing Western TV shows and movies as well. There are several on demand channels that you can purchase on a monthly basis where you can watch shows in English. If you are in a position where there was no TV provided to you, you can look to many of Taipei’s electronics bazaars to find one.


Television in Taiwan can be a comfortable escape for an ESL teacher dealing with culture shock. Teaching in Asia often suggests a movie to a teacher writing about some difficulties they may have. From John Candy to Steve Martin, there is bound to be something that is going to cheer you up. So when taking a job in Taiwan, make sure you take a little extra money to invest in a television set. Cable subscription rates for a basic cable package are very cheap, so it will be of little financial burden to you.

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