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Phones in Taiwan

Taiwan is a leading nation for technology and electronics and phones are no exception. With all of the leading brands in the world represented in Taiwan ESL teachers will have no difficulty finding the phone that would be right for them. With plans that range from extreme value to more robust calling plans you will be able to control your budget and enjoy communications with family and friends. 


LG, Samsung, Motorola, and Nokia brands are all popular in Taiwan and usually all offer an English language option on the headset. This is the first thing you should ask when seeking a new phone, as believe it or not, some basic phones only offer a local language option. Make sure to review the plans carefully, especially overseas calling costs. In the case of emergency you may have to call parents or friends overseas and don't want to get burdened by the costs. Calling cards are widely available and new ESL teachers can usually ask around the local foreign bar for the best ones. 


Cell phone service on the island is very good and teachers will experience very little static or interference that they might be used to at home. New ESL teachers should bring a local teacher with them when they first sign up for a cell phone plan so they best understand the hidden fees or any other small print. You will also need your alien registration information to sign up for a cell phone plan.

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