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Healthcare in Taiwan

First things first, you will not have health coverage when you first arrive in Taiwan. Rather you will have to wait for your residence card to get coverage and so you are in a way flying solo for the first few months. The quicker you can move through the process of getting your alien card the quicker you will be covered during your teaching job in Taiwan. You may want to consider getting emergency coverage from your travel agent before departing for about 3 months. 


Healthcare in Taiwan is generally very good, as it is an advanced nation with modern technology and well trained doctors. 1-1-9 is the number by which you can contact emergency services in Taiwan. Many people opt to just take a taxi to the hospital in the event of an emergency as it is usually quicker. 


English is widely spoken by doctors in Taiwan so communication problems should be minimal. To be safe it never hurts to ask a friend to come along, especially if the friend is Taiwanese, as they may be able to clear up any miscommunications. You can leave home assured that your medical needs will be well looked after during your stay.

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