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Driving in Taiwan

Driving in Taiwan is largely unnecessary given the excellent public transportation systems available in the major cities. In the smaller more rural towns long term teachers do tend to find getting a small automobile or bike is convenient. In the larger cities the scooters will scare you right off the road with the erratic driving, ignorance of traffic symbols, and a general disregard for other drivers.

If you are brave enough to venture out in Taipei in a car for example you must have an international driver's license or a local one. You should take the time to learn the traffic signs in order to avoid confusion. Teachers that apply through Teaching in Asia come from several countries and so you should be aware of the differences between your own home laws and the laws of Taiwan.

You should be aware of how to obtain an automobile and insurance. This will be expensive and often puts having a car out of the hands of the more thrifty foreigners. Gasoline is also quite expensive as compared to other countries. For these reasons it is best to just stick with a plan for public transport and taxis unless you plan to teach in the rural parts of the island.

Teaching in Asia has not ever heard of a case where having a car is a requirement of any teaching job. It is a hassle for teachers, especially new ones, and if you should be required to drive and do not wish to do so you can contact your liaison at Teaching in Asia.

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