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Cash in Taiwan

Taiwan while a modern banking society still tends to favor cash for exchange over credit cards and other plastic. You will find that your credit cards are accepted in large stores and modern chain restaurants but for the most part, you should follow the TIA rule of 60 + 3, which is two 30 minute cab rides and 3 meals worth of cash. This will ensure that you can get just about anywhere within your area, and have enough to pay a basic meal if you are stuck somewhere.


ATMs are widely available in Taiwan and you will have no problem making withdrawals as necessary. You will also not have to pay fees when withdrawing funds from a different bank. This will ensure you don’t need to go out of your way to track down a branch of your own bank. Your school will usually use a system of direct deposit right into your bank account, which will make financial management easy for you. 


As we recommend for all of our destinations, you should take care to make sure your money is within a bank, and not sitting in your apartment. This opens the way for thieves who seemingly have an uncanny ability to know who is keeping money where. In addition when walking around town be sure to divide your money on your person in the case you are pick pocketed, a rare occurrence, but still best to be prepared.

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