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Banking in Taiwan

Taiwan is a major banking center and ESL teachers will find banks to be both efficient and reliable during their tenure on the island. With several major banks as well as branches for many foreign banks located in the capital and throughout Taiwan you will have no difficulties remitting your savings or with accessing funds. 


ATMs abound on Taiwan and it is easy to both withdraw funds whenever you are out and about. Some banks may charge fees for using another bank's ATM but the fees are very reasonable.You will need your Alien Registration information in order to open a bank account and it is important to have a local friend go with you the first time to send money home. A good way to do this is to have the bank officer put the instructions in the local language down on a sheet of paper which you would keep in your wallet or purse. Then the next time you go to the bank you just take the paper with you so they can just repeat the process. 


Your school will suggest a local bank which the teachers from that school use whether for ease of direct deposit or for convenience. They will often help you set up the account and provide the necessary information to do so. ESL teachers have no problems with finance in Taiwan and it should be the least of your worries while there.

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