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Alien Card in Taiwan

Alien cards or residency cards are issued by the Taiwanese government to identify you as a person residing, not just visiting in Taiwan. They are used for a wide variety of purposes and can be of great help when dealing with banks, hospitals, government offices, etc. You may also need them when making certain purchases including scooters. 


In Taiwan ESL teachers will be directed to apply for the Alien Residency Card at the nearest provincial or city police headquarters. Your employer will provide you with the information needed to obtain it and usually provide money to get you to the processing center.


ARC cards, as Alien Residency Cards are often called in Taiwan are good for one year. In addition they can be renewed for a total of three years. You will need to submit to some basic medical tests to get complete the application including a HIV test. Some teachers may procrastinate on getting registered. Teaching in Asia strongly urges teachers to complete this process as soon as possible. The ARC card makes everything easier should you find yourself in trouble or in need of assistance.

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