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Addresses and Mail in Taiwan

Addresses in Taiwan are relatively easy as compared to some other Asian countries to decipher. Street names are clearly marked and Romanized for the most part, making it easier to navigate the cities and countryside.


When you first arrive in Taiwan you should get a piece of paper and have a coworker write in Taiwanese the address for your home in the local language as well as the school and the nearest hospital. You should then keep this with you in your wallet or purse at all time. It will be invaluable if you get lost somewhere or you need a quick trip home. Teaching in Asia recommends this method regardless of the country where you are staying.


As an ESL teacher it is recommended you give your home address to your relatives back at home in the case of emergency. This way they have a way of getting in touch with you besides phone. You should also register your address at the local consulate or embassy, if one is available.


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