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Tourism in Taiwan

Tourism is growing in Taiwan as more people become aware of Taiwan's natural beauty and rich cultural experiences. ESL teachers will find a variety of tourist spots to check out in both the Lonely Planet guides we suggest as well as local tour offerings. Taiwan is relatively safe and easy to travel within so moving about should pose little difficulty to foreigners.

Taiwan's transport system is relatively cheap and you will find it cheap to get around the country. Oftentimes to the more distant and rural areas there will be special groups that charter a bus for a tour. For female ESL teachers this would be recommended for obvious reasons. It would also be easier to learn more about the places you will experience traveling with an experienced tour guide.

ESL teachers should plan their trips carefully as some places are more difficult to get around then others. ESL teachers tend to travel in groups to save money and to get out of their towns. You can talk with other teachers at the local gathering spots to meet fellow travelers and plan some trips.

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