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Street Stands in Taiwan

Street Stands most foreigners residing in Taiwan will tell you are often little treasure coves of various treats and sweets. The prices are often much less then a comparable experience at a restaurant and they are often just as clean and sanitary. The food is prepared right in front of you and you can sample this and that, often to the delight of the stand owner.

The variety of food available in the countless street stands in Taipei and other major cities is incredible. Virtually any dish can be had in some shape or form. Want a sugared hot dog? How about BBQ eel? Doughnuts? You will find it all on the street literally speaking. A fun experience for new ESL teachers is to go out one evening and try various foods with some local friends who can explain what you are eating and the story behind it. This is a great experience that you will never forget.

Always carry cash since street vendors will accept no alternative. The prices are cheap so you will have no problems filling up at five different vendors for the same price as going to one restaurant. Alcohol can usually be had or purchases nearby so if you can find a street stall with a couple extra chairs, make an evening of it.

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