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Singing Rooms in Taiwan

In Taiwan singing rooms, often called KTV, are extremely popular forms of entertainment. Karaoke in Asia is usually more popular in smaller rooms that you share with groups of friends, rather than the large rooms which are the norm in the west, where you sing with large groups of strangers. In Taiwan these small rooms are available for rent all over the place with names such as Holiday KTV. 

You can usually get different sized rooms depending on the size of the group you are with, and can order food and drink. These are usually rented for a period of time, for example a couple of hours. In addition special arrangements can also be made for accompanying musician or instrumentals for a premium price.
Singing in these rooms, which go by different names all over Asia, is one of the most popular activities for teachers going overseas. They will dress up in special costumes and belt out western songs in manners they would never dream of at home. For a great night away from the stresses of your job, look to these singing rooms for relaxation and entertainment.

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