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Shopping in Taiwan

ESL teachers will find Taiwan an excellent place to shop for all kinds of goods and services. With some of the leading brands in the world for everything from electronics to fashion Taiwan can offer the discerning shopper a taste of home. Taipei has a vibrant shopping district that combines the traditional with the modern and the western and the eastern.


Shopping in Taiwan can be as cheap or as expensive as your budget. You need only ask your local coworkers where the best deals can be found and they will guide you along the way. Be sure to check out the special sales seasons that occur around the major holidays and afterwords when stores look to dump merchandise. Street shopping is also very popular and are often where the best deals can be found. There will be no refunds however, and defective products are the nature of the beast so be wary.


Visitors travel from all over Asia to get great deals in Taiwan, especially for electronic merchandise. ESL teachers will find that just about anything they desire, they can find somewhere in Taiwan. Be sure to check out the online markets for hard to find products. Ask your fellow teachers for help with any orders online as it will be difficult to find them in English.

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