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Museums in Taiwan

There are several prominent museums in Taiwan and they are located all over the country. With a great selection of art, history, and natural history museums a foreigner will have plenty to choose from for an educational excursion. Museums are often popular with children and will prove a great teaching point when in the classroom. It is often worth it to make a visit to some soon after arrival.

Inviting some local friends will enhance the quality of your visit. By explaining certain aspects of a museum's offerings and their relevance to the mind of the Taiwanese you can get a better idea of who they are. It is a great way to make local friends as well, as you show an interest in getting to know more about them and their country.

Be sure to get a Lonely Planet Guide before leaving for Taiwan to get a better ideas of the museums and cultural sites available. You will be surprised at the range and quality of offerings. It is a great experience for foreigners to learn more about the culture while beginning their ESL careers and jobs.

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