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Foreign Bars in Taiwan

As with any other of the Asian countries that Teaching in Asia places teachers into Taiwan's foreign bar scene is no exception to the rule that they often are the centerpiece of an ESL teacher's social life. With friends literally that come from around the globe you will be sure to find people that share similar passions and interests as you. You will also find them ideal bartering locations where you can find great items that belonged to foreigners departing Taiwan. Many a new ESL teacher has find the items they need from teachers that are taking off.

Every town and city of size will have some foreign bars. The best way to find a good foreign bar that is popular with other foreigners is to ask your friends and coworkers where the best places are. It is always an instant answer and always a good launching pad to a new friendship. Foreign bars tend to be more expensive then the local bars and often times the locals may not feel as comfortable drinking with you there as they would else ware. So make sure you balance your time with Taiwanese friends in both the foreign and the local bars to make a good open minded impression.

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