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Dance Clubs in Taiwan

ESL teachers who enjoy dancing and nightlife will find Taiwan to have a plethora of entertainment options at their disposal. This is especially true in the large cities of Taiwan where there are large expat populations and universities. Like any other country with a host of nightlife options, there are popular locations and ones that struggle.


By conversing with friends and coworkers you will be able to best determine which clubs fit your musical tastes and also what falls within your price range. Some nightclubs definitely exceed the price range that ESL teachers would find comfortable while others may be too local for your tastes. Going to a local gathering spot for foreigners will give you a quick idea of the places to go and what to expect.


ESL teachers should be aware of the hidden costs associated with some clubs and bars in Taiwan. New teachers often find excessive charges since they are unaware of how drinks and food are billed. So make sure you go with an experienced group the first few times.


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