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Camping in Taiwan

Camping is a popular activity for many ESL teachers in Taiwan as it has a great deal of rural and beautiful countryside. The mountains often have camping spots and resorts for residents to use in getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This is usually managed by the parks service and the prices are very cheap which creates an ideal situation for a foreigner looking to have a good time at a low price.

Camping gear can be easily located at one of Taiwan's many outdoor shops or hiking stores. The prices may be expensive for name brand equipment so it is best to ask around the local foreign pub for fellow teachers that may be willing to let you use their equipment for a weekend. Alternatively you can always ask leaving teachers if you can buy their equipment. Ready Made meals for camping trips can be found and provide an easy way to feed yourself while out in the wild.

Teaching in Asia strongly suggests that new teachers go with either local friends or experienced ESL coworkers when camping for the first few times. The language barrier grows the further you move away from the cities and it is easy to get lost or in trouble if you are not aware of the rules regarding campfires and or site location. For safety reasons it is always advisable that female teachers go with a male friend or colleague when camping.

ESL teachers moving to Taiwan can find more information about camping in the Lonely Planet Guide for Taiwan. You can find the book at our online store if you are interested.

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