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Beaches in Taiwan

As an island Taiwan is naturally surrounded by beaches and the country can boast of some of the most pristine and beautiful beaches in the world. In the summer time the beaches in Taiwan can be packed with hundreds of thousands of people crowding the most popular ones. Taiwanese people seem to have the same aversion to swimming and tanning as do Koreans and Chinese people.

Some youth and trendsetters will often adorn the beach with their skills and arts which are fun for a foreigner to view. You can get all manner of goods at a beach to remind you of your experiences. Keep in mind that most beaches have an entrance fee and it is best to take some cash with you as it will be difficult to find card machines or ATMs in the more rural beach areas.

ESL teachers are urged to explore the beaches in their time off. They can often combine the beach trip with a camping trip. This is a popular way for foreigners on a budget to pass a vacation in Taiwan without leaving the country. Beach equipment and products can be bought in the seasonal months at most department stores and clothing stores. You can also ask fellow local teachers when and where the best deals can be had.

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