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Sports in Taiwan

 Sports in Taiwan are vastly popular and the country has several top notch professional teams that compete overseas. Baseball, Basketball, and even Football all have a presence in the nation. Surprisingly when we say football, we mean American style football. It is one of the more successful franchises in Asia, and there are several independent teams consisting of foreign expats living in the country.

There are also several independent sports in Taiwan. These vary from Cycling to Tennis. It is easy to become active in the country while living there as there are many clubs available for expats as well as local residents. There are often some fees associated with joining but they are minimal and well worth the friends and experiences you will have.

If you are interested in sports while residing in Taiwan then make sure you ask around at the local gathering spot for foreigners about where to go to join. The larger cities may require you to travel a bit to get to a sport location but on a weekend it is well worth it.

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