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Painting in Taiwan

Sharing many of the painting characteristics with it's Chinese neighbors, Taiwan also has come to develop it's own art styles. Many ESL teachers venture to Taiwan's woodlands to appreciate the landscape and give their own art aspirations a go. The young scene in Taipei is especially keen on art and you will find in the university areas many young artists selling their works.

If you are seeking to learn art and painting while in Taiwan there are several clubs available where you can make new friends and learn artistic styles from around the world. Take advantage of the many art museums that Taiwan has around the island. There are often visiting exhibitions which you can enjoy which provides a treat for the foreigner who craves the creative side.

ESL teachers will often use painting as a teaching method in classrooms, especially for younger students. Students are especially interested to merge the creative and the intellectual sides for mutual benefit. Not to mention the fun they have while doing it. So if you are already a painter or artist, or if you are interested in possibly giving it a go, then Taiwan has plenty to offer.

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