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Music and Dance in Taiwan

Taiwan enjoys a rich and full history which has bred a great deal of traditional and modern music and dance. Taipei is known as a hot area for nightlife and musical venues. In addition Taiwan brings many traditional dances and musical styles to visitors through special concerts and events. You will never have trouble finding big name acts that are visiting the capital city for concerts as well.

As an ESL teacher working in Taiwan you may learn a great deal about Taiwanese musical performers in the classroom. It is good to invest some time in learning about the pop scene in Taiwan to build conversational points with your students. The traditional concerts that take place during national holidays make for great memories and you can learn a lot about the country's history and people by attending some of them. Not to mention the goodwill it will build with your fellow local teachers.

Nightclubs abound in Taiwan especially in the larger cities. You can find many modern music trends in the nightclubs and cafes of Taipei as well as some local foreign bands often run by other ESL teachers. Whatever your love of music and dance may be, you will certainly find it in Taiwan.

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