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Literature in Taiwan

 Literature in Taiwan is a popular hobby as young people as well as adults indulge in both local and foreign writings. Harry Potter is as popular as any locally written book and comic novels as we like to call them at Teaching in Asia are as popular in Taiwan as they are in Korea or Japan.

You can find foreign books in most major bookstores, but the quality and variety depend largely on the city and district you are in. It is best to find foreign books in Taipei. The prices will be a bit more then you would expect to pay at home since they are imported but for a foreigner who loves to read, it is well worth the extra couple of bucks.

Local books can often be found in English at some of the largest bookstores. They are a great way to learn more about Asian customs and life and make a great talking point with local friends. IT is well worth it to invest some time in reading a local book or two during your time in Taiwan. One of the best ways to learn a local habit or custom is to read about it and ask practical questions later.

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