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Language in Taiwan

Taiwan shares the same language as China and it is the official language of Taiwan. The language has only minor differences in dialect from it's Chinese counterpart which is rare for a nation as divided from the mainland as is Taiwan from China. This could also be a result of a relatively recent split as Taiwan and China have only been at odds for a little over a half century.

When in Taiwan you will see that most signs and instructions are Romanized as well as communicated in the native language. This is a part of the effort to Westernize and make Taiwan more attractive to tourists. This will make it a lot easier for visitors and ESL teachers like yourself to get around and understand the country.

English is not widely spoken in Taiwan but you will find it more easily spoken in the major cities of Taiwan. ESL teachers who invest a little time in learning the basics after they arrive will find it a lot easier to live and integrate with the local population.

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