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Holidays in Taiwan

Holidays in Taiwan are a mix of traditional and government dates that are often celebrated by the population and time is often given off from work. ESL teachers may have to work on some of the holidays because of the school schedules. However for the most part the major holidays are usually granted to all workers and teachers.

Some of the major holidays are celebrated on both the mainland and on Taiwan. This includes the Lunar New Year and the Chinese New Years. Some of the specific holidays celebrated on Taiwan are the Founding Day and the Peace Memorial Day. As Taiwan and China continue towards reconciliation some additional holidays may be integrated into the year.

Holiday periods in China and Taiwan can be chaotic with millions of people returning to their hometowns and regions. It would be wise to plan ahead carefully for these holiday periods for both domestic and international travel. Many ESL teachers and foreigners use the holiday periods to remain around their homes and catch up with some reading and socialize with other foreigners. It can be a relaxing time to catch up and vent.

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