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Festivals in Taiwan

Taiwan has a large number of festivals each year to celebrate it's rich history and unique cultural characteristics. ESL teachers will find these festivals to be great places to learn more about Taiwan and to enjoy unique foods and drinks. Some festivals can go for several days and depending on the school and holiday, you may have this time off from teaching responsibilities.

The most famous of the festivals is the Chinese New Year which is celebrated by all Chinese people on both the island and the mainland. This is usually the most crowded of the festivals and may be difficult to travel during. Other festivals include the Lantern Festival, Farmer's Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Ghost Festival, and the Mid Autumn Festival. These are all famous festivals in which each city and province may arrange parades and festival grounds for residents to enjoy.

ESL teachers should partake in as much culture as they can during their experiences overseas. Festivals are a great way to both build your friendships with your fellow teachers as well as make new ones. Reading more about each festival can increase your talking points and understandings about the festivals themselves. Discussing them with your students can be a win w

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