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Drama and Movies in Taiwan

Taiwan has a unique and visible film and television industry. Soaps and movies from Taiwan have been a growing influence in the world entertainment industry. A famous Taiwanese director, Ang Lee, has produced some leading movies including Lust, Caution and the American made Brokeback Mountain. Taiwanese movies like Korean movies have some distinguished performers that are beloved across the nation.

ESL teachers in Taiwan can take advantage of Taiwanese movies and television to further their own understanding of the culture as well as to create new talking points with their students. With the ratio of Taiwanese movies in cinemas and foreign movies at the cinema being in balance you should have no problem finding entertainment.

Taiwanese students are crazy about movies and television as you will find out soon after arriving. Students catch on to new trends and fads from overseas and latch on to them. For example Spongebob SquarePants is an international phenomenon that has millions of fans across Asia. To help your students learn ESL you need to learn your students.

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