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Population of Taiwan

The population of Taiwan is 22.5 million and it is one of the most densely populated countries on the planet. The life expectancy is similar to western nations and the population is healthy by almost all standards. 


There is great diversity in the people that make up the population of Taiwan. Native Taiwanese are the most populous composing 85% of the population. In addition Chinese people make up an additional 12%. Following those two groups are the historic and previously mistreated aboriginals. However Aboriginals are starting to become a cultural force in itself with chart breaking music and bringing new styles of dance and art to the forefront of Taiwanese culture. 


Generally the population of Taiwan is considered to be ageing with a low birth rate due to careful fiscal planning as well as rising costs. Intermarriage is popular in Taiwan, especially as considered to other Asian nations. 


While teaching in Taiwan, be sure to learn more about the distinct tribes that make up Taiwan’s rich cultural history. Some of the basic things and unique rules that you can learn when dealing with different people can go a long way in developing friendships.

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