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Taiwan is a sharply divided geographic landscape with 90% of the population residing in the flat lands of the west. The eastern part of Taiwan which covers 2/3 of its territory is rugged and heavily forested. It is not heavily inhabited and contains some of the most beautiful views in Asia. 


Taiwan is known for the diversity and beauty of its extensive forests and varied flora. The coastlines are vast and are also very beautiful especially when considering the beach backdrops. There are many national parks in Taiwan which have hot springs, waterfalls, and beautiful rivers and streams. These are a popular destination for citizens of Taiwan as well as foreign residents. 


In addition to the main island there are several outlying small islands in Taiwan. These have some spectacular sites and spots as well. Often accessible on special cruises from Taipei you can enjoy these on vacation for very reasonable rates. Some of these islands served as penal colonies in days long gone, which adds a little historical appeal to those interested. 


A lonely planet guide for Taiwan will be able to guide you throughout Taiwan and ensure safe and inexpensive travel. Make sure that while an ESL teacher you take advantage of some of the wonders that Taiwan has to offer.

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