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Taiwan Cost of Living

Taiwan is among the cheapest destinations that Teaching in Asia has to offer, while still keeping in line with a western quality of life. Taipei is one of the least expensive world capitals with a corresponding high quality of living, but if you were to venture out of Taipei you would find it considerably cheaper with relatively little reduction is salary. To put it basically Taiwan is a great place to save money or live great. The choice is yours. 


It is a Teaching in Asia rule for all applicants that we say “Live Locally”. What we mean by this, is that during your job overseas, the more locally you can live, the more money you will end up making “saving”. So don’t be afraid to try out the local cuisines. It is a great way to learn the culture as well as reduce your daily food expenses. 


In addition, get to know the bus networks. They are considerably cheaper than the taxi services and also provide a comprehensive service throughout Taiwan and its cities. Buying local beer and staying in local bars will also sharply reduce your entertainment bill. So live local to save big.
In addition living locally will allow you the opportunity to make more friends that will in turn make your job of learning about Taiwan a lot easier.

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