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Mountains in Taiwan

Mountains cover most of Eastern Taiwan, and so mountain climbing has grown into a national obsession in Taiwan in which a list of the top one hundred mountains to climb is the biggest achievement for a Taiwanese mountain climber. There are hundreds of mountains all over Taiwan which vary in height and provide a number of challenges to new comers and experienced climbers alike.
Mountain climbing is a group activity in Taiwan, much like the rest of Asia. Often times your school coworkers might suggest a climb in the weekend and it may be used as a way to get to know each other better. 


Naturally with the level of enthusiasm for climbing, stores that cater to the hobby are numerous and you can work out a pretty nice assortment of equipment for a good price, especially when compared to Japan or Korea. Make sure to reference the guidebooks available so you can keep an eye out for the little treasures that are a part of the hiking journey. There are often rest stops and water holes along the trails of the more frequented mountains. 


You can get more information about the mountains and the fees or equipment necessary from a Lonely Planet Guide for Taiwan. Make sure to keep track of which ones you climb because your coworkers will often ask you. Mountain climbing is a great joint activity for groups of ESL teachers residing in Taiwan and on vacation from their jobs.

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