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Position Information
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(2,100,000 KRW minimum,
Part Time - 25,000 KRW/hr minimum)

Hours /Month:
(30 Teaching Hours + 10 Hours Prep Maximum)

Work Days: Monday             Tuesday
Wednesday     Thursday       Friday
Saturday           Sunday

(No Weekend Work Unless noted in Contract)

Overtime Pay:
(20,000 KRW/Hr Minimum)
Class Size:
Type of Housing:
(One way paid in advance minimum
Return trip ticket to be provided to a teacher
in final month of contract )

Completion Bonus:
(One month salary minimum)

(Half paid by school minimum)

Vacation days:
(10 Days per year minimum,
Free Choice unless noted in contract)

(10,000KRW First Month maximum
Must be repaid to the teacher no later than the sixth month of contract. 7.5% deduction max for each month after. Health Insurance, Tax, Etc.)

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