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Housing in Korea is on average quite a bit smaller then western housing, however Koreans tend to make them look more spacious with less interior decoration. Housing for teachers varies widely, depending on the area of the country you are living, the contracted living conditions set out by your employer. We at Teaching in Asia have seen a wide variety of apartments for teachers and they range from mini-houses to one room living quarters.

Housing in Korea is usually heated from the floor up. You will find that many Koreans sleep on the floor year round. The surface is a softer material that makes walking and sitting more towards western carpeting then tile. You may find yourself sleeping on the floor from time to time if you travel cheaply and stay in Korean style motels.

The bathroom is a bit of a shock as the shower is placed directly in the center in most apartments. You will find that when you shower everything gets soaked, so the shower serves as much a bathroom cleaner as it is for you. Sometimes you will even find your washer/dryer in the bathroom as well.

The cooking area is sparse by western terms but you will find the tools available to prepare your meals. However it should be noted that almost no apartments in Korea have an oven. Some foreign teachers have actually bought ovens, but as a rule of thumb you are going to have to forgo oven baked meals for the your duration overseas unless dining out.

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