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Food and Water

Anything and everything can be found in some area of Korea. We at Teaching in Asia absolutely found the Indian restaurant “Ganga” in Busan to be the best Indian food we had ever tried. Some things will surprise you, some will delight you, and some will disgust you. We say try them all. What used to disgust may become a favorite dish, what used to surprise my become a everyday meal, and what delights will continue to delight. Immerse yourself in the local foods, and ask questions. Why do Koreans eat this? Why do they mix this and that? The answers are often interesting and makes for very interesting conversations over a meal.

Western restaurants can be found all over but beware their prices. They are often very expensive as compared with the local fare. You may find what used to be a weekly meal at TGIF to be a luxury in Korea.

Local restaurants often have similar food at lower prices. For example instead of a steak at the Outback, go to a Korean meat restaurant and get beef cooked over a bbq grill right in front of you. The side dishes alone may fill you up. Most restaurants have picture menus to make it easier to order. Observe what your Korean friends order when you go out with them, and ask them to write it down for you so you can get it next time.

Raw fish can make you ill, but Koreans insist that drinking soju with the fish will mitigate these effects, and to our experience this has proven to be the case. We suggest that you trod into this popular Korean fare delicately, thus allowing your body to adjust to the new textures and flavors.

Kimchi will be served with almost every meal, and if you stick with it, you will find it to be extremely addictive.

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