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A Typical Day Teaching in Korea

The typical day of a ESL teacher varies widely from school to school. This is especially true when comparing public schools to private institutes. In public schools you may teach earlier in the day while in the private institutes you may be teaching to later in the evening. On the average day an ESL teacher will spend between 5-7 hours at work, which includes classroom teaching and preparation. Some periods of the year which are usually called intensives will call for additional hours and perhaps weekend hours. This is all spelled out in your contract as well as the overtime pay for these hours.

You will spend about 1 hour before your first class preparing for the day's classes. After the classes end you will usually be done for the day, except for grading periods.

The average class will go for between 40 and 60 minutes however we have heard of 90 minute classes as well as 25 minute classes being in the curriculum. Again this will be included in the contract. Between classes there is usually a 5-10 minute break. We do require our teachers to get a 5 minute break between subjects as a general condition of our contracts. Some Schools will provide a meal but this is not part of our guarantee so be prepared to bring your own food. A lot of foreign teachers have become devoted to the Korean Kimbap for a quick meal.

In the evening we usually find ourselves gravitating to the foreign bars for a nightcap.

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