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Sports are a national obsession in Korea. Besides fielding a world reknown national soccer team, Korea has made impressive strides in Baseball, Basketball, and Golf. You would be hard pressed to find a Korean who would not enjoy watching a sporting event with you. The World Cup virtually shuts down productivity in Korea as people are glued to their TV sets for reports on their team.

In Basketball Korea has a league which sports teams from the major companies in Korea. For example LG has a team called the Sakers. These teams will be comprised of both Koreans and foreigners. Most major cities have a stadium and tickets are cheap and easy to get as compared to their American counterparts.

In Baseball Korea has many impressive Ballparks which are fun to visit. You will find that these teams are also for the most part owned by the large companies as well.

In addition to these physical sports, Korea considers many mental activities to be sports as well. A Board game called Go pits two players against each other for control of the board. Computer duels are a televised sport in Korea with large salaries and brutal competition.  Starcraft stands out as one of the most popular sports in Korea and it is played on a computer screen.

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