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One must always take an open mind when travelling overseas, especially if this is your first time abroad. The reasons we travel are to see and experience new things, and you must accept the good with the bad. Korea has some things that may be perceived negatively at first, but keep in mind things are not always as they seem. What might seem strange to us is usually rooted in experience. Korean’s attitudes towards talking, dining, friendship, relationship, etc all have striking differences to our own. It is ok to question why a Korean does something in a certain way, but it is not ok to be critical of their methods. We always suggest making local friends to enhance your experience overseas. You will find that your experience is much better when actively engaging with the host culture. In addition you will make lifelong friendships.

Koreans are extremely hospitable, almost to the point of discomfort at first. They will go out of their way to ensure you are satisfied and comfortable. You will find Korean teachers eager to assist you with the most trivial tasks to ensure they go smoothly for you. Showing a sign of appreciation for this help goes a long way in building relationships and getting future questions answered.

Drinking is as much a ritual in Korea as it is entertainment. Koreans want to converse with you on a more “honest” level which they believe is done through mutual drinking. Drinking has its own protocol and should be learned as quickly as possible. Asking the friendly Korean teacher to show you the different rules and actively practicing them will ensure you many invitations to future events. Again taking an active and engaging approach to learning the Korean culture will help you as you acclimate to Korean culture.

Questions from Koreans will dominate your first meetings and interaction with them. Questions about your age, blood type, weight, etc are all brought up. This is not meant to be disrespectful, rather they are trying to determine your position, and place. They place a lot of importance on age, as seniors are held in high esteem in Korea. Blood Type they believe is a window to understanding your personality and after observing you for a bit, they will pop the question. “What is your blood type?”

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