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Painting & Fine Arts

Art has grown considerably in popularity over the years in Korea, with new pieces of art inspired not only by Korean culture but also by their interactions with the west as well as their own often tragic history. Most art is also considered functional. For example certain pieces of art are designed to protect you from some of the superstitions the Koreans hold.

Certain cups are meant to be drunk from for a long life and healthy body. Korea has burst into the modern art world with watercolors and sharply colored pieces. These are in demand around the world and are often a desired memento for foreigners in Korea.

Young Koreans strive to travel and see the art capitals of the world in the hopes of being an artist in what is still essentially a young industry in Korea. This is a great topic to discuss with friends who are Korean as they will often show an intense passion for art pieces. Look for famous exhibitions to arrive in Korea from around the world as well.

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