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There are several traditional holidays for Korea, and in addition to them, some Koreans celebrate international holidays as well including Christmas. Some of the major holidays follow. You should plan ahead for the holiday periods because traffic will increase dramatically in the days leading up to the holiday period. In addition it will be more difficult to book plane travel directly before the holiday as many families go abroad to visit relatives or take a vacation.

Seollal is the Lunar New Year in Korea. It is one of Korea's most important holidays and most schools and businesses will be closed for that day.

Chopail is Buddhas Birthday in Korea. It is a very important holiday as well and again most businesses and schools will be closed.

Chuseok is the Harvest Festival and is spent paying respects to one's ancestors. Most Koreans will return to their hometowns at this time with family. They will often pay traditional rites to their ancestors and parents. This is one of the longest holiday periods in Korea.

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