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Singing Rooms

Singing rooms are one of the most memorable aspects of Korean life. Called Norebangs in Korea, these are basically private rooms with a large TV that plays Karaoke songs. With couches around the perimeter of the room and a large table in the middle, they are great places to converse and have fun.

With literally hundreds of western songs to choose from it is easy to pass an hour without realizing it. You will find your friends, especially Korean friends dancing along with you as you sing. The prices for the room is reasonable, with drink prices being quite high. There are different size rooms, so groups of all sizes can be accommodated.

Don’t be shy as you will find you are not readily invited out unless you are willing to get as involved as the hosts are.

Our advice at Teachinginasia.com is to get into it with a fresh guarantee that you will absolutely love it.


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