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Korea is considered by many to be a shopper’s paradise. Japanese, Chinese, and Western tourists flock to Korea for great deals on the latest fashions as well as to enjoy the unique shopping experiences there are on offer. Large outdoor markets are in almost every city in Korea and thousands of vendors may have their wares on display. 


In Seoul and Busan you may have several different markets all over the city. You can spend an entire day browsing a market, so it makes for a great day out. The best deals can be had in the outdoor markets as well with owners willing to negotiate their prices. 


Some large stores which may include grocery stores, fashion shops, and even cinemas are Lotte Department Store, Emart, and Hyundai Shopping. You will find most of what you need in these mega stores but be prepared to pay a high price without being able to haggle. 


Koreans love to shop and will gladly go with you if you ask them nicely. They will also save you a lot of money in the outdoor markets with their negotiation abilities. Be nice and buy them lunch if they go with you though.

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