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Foreign Bars

Foreign Bars are the center point for the expat community in Korea. It is a gathering place for drinkers and non drinkers alike. They exist in every large city but beware several bars will style themselves as a Western bar but only have locals drinking there. So it is best to ask other foreign teachers where the local scene is before venturing out on arrival. Some foreigners have started their own bars after a few years teaching. Most notable in our opinion is O-Brians in Changwon. This is a popular hangout and is well known throughout Korea for their lively parties and inviting atmosphere.
In addition Geckos in Itaewon is a well known hotspot bringing every element of the foreign community under one roof.Foreign Bars will often have bands playing on special occasions. These bands may be formed from groups of teachers to practice their skills on the side. In addition there is usually a great deal of western food hard to find anywhere else.

Make sure to visit these establishments after arrival as it is usually a great way to meet new friends and get to learn the local area.

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